Good Saturday Morning to YOU!

It’s the second shortest day of the year and it’s a gloomy one, but it’s just over three months away from these.

Kehau 03-31-17a.jpg

Monochrome House

There isn’t much demand to present a listing in anything other than color, but monochrome can draw out details that color may leave flat.  It can also deemphasize blemishes and such.  Here are highlights from a recent shoot that I refinished in sepia:

"Pops of Red" vs Lots of Red

Red accents can lend added dimension to both décor and, subsequently, photos. Flowers, towels, pillows, throws, etc. can be very effective in achieving this. Large pieces, however, can fall victim to oversaturation in photos. I had to really dial down the red in these pics. They still are almost too rich.

Have a great rest of Your Monday!

Happy Thursday!

Rhodies are trying to make a go of it in December.


Real Time Post


This phone is supposed to be be good in the dark.  It's not.