This (past couple of) week's highlights...

Old Consulate Inn, Port Townsend, WA

313 Walker (59).jpg
313 Walker (15).jpg

This may be my favorite portrait that I've shot...

612 Lawrence (4).jpg

I'm starting to get comfortable with headshots  They still lead to a lot of work when shooting in the breeze; so much hair.


This is the first time I shot a home with it's own airplane hangers and airfield.

14615 Morris (30).jpg

Hanger doors are difficult to open and close.  They are the main reason I don't own aircraft.

14615 Morris (38).jpg

Cellar Door, Port Townsend, WA

Cellar Door (2).jpg

Dark shoot.

Cellar Door (16).jpg

The dahlias are back at the Silverdale post office!  Mere weeks after my show in which I could have featured them.  Dahlias, the low hanging fruit for lazy photographers.


Song of the week:  This may be considered a guilty pleasure.  How many stars can you identify?